Founded by Christine Cantella and Jo Roderick, The Jolly Knot Club creates unique embroidered floss designs on vintage blue chambray shirts. Their embroidered designs are a blend of their English and Texan influence with their deep love for music, pop art, and nature. The Jolly Knot Club journey began when Cantella crafted her first piece on one of her father’s old naval uniform shirts and has since become a tradition embedded within The Jolly Knot Club’s one-of-a-kind floss embroidery process. Each design is crafted with love and humor and showcases Christine and Jo's unparalleled creativity.
Copper Horseshoe Bandana Slider - Jolly Knot Club - STAG Provisions - Accessories - Bandanas
Jolly Knot Club

Copper Horseshoe Bandana Slider

Elton John Honky Cat Shirt - Jolly Knot Club - STAG Provisions - Tops - L/S Woven - Other Pattern
Jolly Knot Club

Elton John Honky Cat Shirt