Work by LAND: The Ageless Designs of Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes

“Timeless” is a word that gets used frequently these days, and rather casually at that. After all, can anything truly exist outside of time? While it may be a question without a precise answer, the designers behind LAND have done a monumental job of posing it, over and over again, through stunning typography and iconography that truly does seem to transcend our ingrained notions of era and style. That visual art can be both modern and classic, traditional but innovative, may seem paradoxical, yet it is a paradox that artists Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes are more than comfortable wielding in the creation of their work.

The pair first met while collaborating on agency projects in the Austin area, and discovered shortly thereafter a number of common interests and aesthetic sensibilities, including historical typography. The two decided to team up and eventually came around to the idea of leaving the agency life behind and setting up a shop of their own, settling on the name LAND to connote an idea bigger than any one individual. Everything from vintage road signs to Depression-era hobo scribblings have served as influences, allowing them to forge a personality that’s steeped in American traditions, yet at the same time unafraid to explore new visual horizons. In the years since its founding, LAND has built a client list that includes such names as Woolrich, Nike, ACE hotels, Levi’s, Warby Parker, Patagonia and yes, even STAG Provisions.

We recently teamed up with LAND to create the Hurricane Harvey Benefit Tee, commemorating the strength shown by all affected in South Texas when 51.88" of rain fell during the storm. To shop this limited edition tee, click here

To see more work from LAND click here.

ALL sales from this tee will go to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

One of only 50 ever made, the Prairie Man is printed utilizing only six colors

Printed on heavyweight, 130lb paper, this print is one of only 50 ever made

Printed on found cotton canvas, this timeless design is one-of-a-kind





Photo by Chelsea Fullerton