Alex Mill

Men have embraced uniforms since time immemorial. They’re what give pilots their dash, firemen their verve, and diplomats that air of unimpeachable authority. But what about the more quotidian fare of the modern gent? According to Alex Drexler, the founder of Alex Mill, an assemblage of reliable, perfectly crafted essentials is equally important. All men know the candidates: the white shirt, the fitted jean, the broken-in tee. Only Alex Mill has taken those time-tested staples to another level entirely.

If there is one department where this ethos shines—and believe us, it shines in all—it’s in the Alex Mill shirt collection. Oxford, flannel, brushed twill, end-on-end—it doesn’t matter. By sourcing fabric based on quality and hand-feel, and carefully stitching it to a crisp but comfortable fit, the brand has achieved something seldom seen in the world of men’s clothing: a stature based not on wild innovation, but on nailing the basics so well, all other details become suddenly superfluous.

This is particularly evident in the Alex Mill treatment of the classic white shirt. The garment is like the Great White of men’s attire in that it has been around forever, so effective is its design. But it’s also something of a White Whale in that so few brands have ever managed to perfect it. Which is precisely what Alex Mill has done. The richness of the cotton, the fineness of the cut, the iron-clad quality of the buttons—if you’re building your own uniform, this is the place to start.

To see the Alex Mill collection in more detail, take a look here, or come to your nearest STAG location. We’re proud to offer a healthy assortment of their shirts, tees, denim, and jackets.