Hinano’s dates back to 1962 when one of the smartest people around decided to open a dive bar by the beach that serves burgers. Over sixty years later...it’s a dive bar by the beach that serves burgers.

In fact it’s the quintessential beach dive with three pool tables, service with a “fuck-off” kind of charm, and plenty of dark corners to tuck into. It’s the kind of place where you can kick back with a pitcher or two of something wildly domestic and hide from alimony or the IRS, where you can fall in love with or forget many a fine friend, and where sometimes someone almost remembers your name.
 Basically, it’s perfect.

Hinano’s is fairly attractive as well -- if you're into an anti-design design aesthetic and sawdust-laden floors. The beautiful antique griddle is actually older than the bar itself and was bought used when the place opened back in ’62. Its blackened top is the result of decades of grilling and a cleaning method that doesn’t involve any steel brush scrubbing. Keep that well earned flavor on the griddle, thank you.