The Surf Photography of Woody Gooch

The sea certainly is an ancient thing, but one of its most talented chroniclers—at least as far as cameras are concerned—has barely been alive for two decades. His name? Woody Gooch. At just a hair over twenty, he may not have the extensive experience of more seasoned oceanic photographers, but he has the energy and enthusiasm of youth, and the sort of intimate relationship with his watery muse only those who have lived alongside it for a lifetime can claim. Indeed, a native of Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Woody grew up just south of Noosa, one of the world’s premier surfing locations, and has been capturing waves on film for nearly as long as he has been riding them. Which engenders a certain authenticity, a deep knowledge of swells and foam, that seems to creep into every breathtaking image.

This relationship with saltwater, when partnered with a keen eye and a steady Nikon, creates photographs that are both stunning and, if we may say so, borderline spiritual. Melding the thrills of movement with the joys of solitude, Woody manages to capture the essence of a sport in a way that’s nearly impossible to experience through any means other than wave-riding itself. It’s not all surfing, however. Having expanded his repertoire to include portraits and oceanscapes and even a few landscapes to boot, Woody Gooch is constantly exploring his medium and maturing as an artist.

To see more of Woody’s photography, you can follow him on Instagram here.