Established in 1932 as a sportswear brand out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Velva Sheen was best known for sweatshirts and t-shirts made for American colleges and sports teams, as well as the go-to body line for the Marine Corps. Back in the day, their design fabrication and use of 4 needle machines made the company the foundation for the “American casual” aesthetic. Today, you can still find Velva Sheen’s classic “2pack” tees with a tubular knit, along with several collections inspired by their 20th-century originals. In keeping with tradition, Velva Sheen is proudly "Made in the USA”, upholding its nearly 90-year legacy of quality and design.

Camp Tee - White - Velva Sheen - STAG Provisions - Tops - S/S Tee - Graphic
Velva Sheen

Camp Tee - White

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