Parked at an Angle

Spectacular architecture, classic cars, and steep inclines—the city of San Francisco offers ample amounts of all three, in permutations that can both dazzle the eye and boggle the mind. To Bay-Area photographer Zachary Genteman, the combination also offers rich fodder for his camera’s lens. In his PARKED series, the viewer is treated to glowing, vivid portraits of vintage automobiles at various attitudes of inclination, always positioned before structures as easy on the eye as the cars themselves.

In some instances, the effect is one of impeccable harmony—a sleek ‘50s sedan parked by a midcentury bungalow. In others, it’s more of a beautiful contrast, a vintage Volkswagen stationed next to a Victorian gem. In all cases, however, the interplay between the lines and colors of the vehicles and structures is expertly exploited to create a portrait not just of a city’s historic automobiles, but of the city itself.

As for the photographer, Zachary Genteman does not personally own a car, despite having made a name for himself taking pictures of them. He does, however, have a motorcycle, and the PARKED series is largely the result of him coming across vintage automobiles while exploring the city on his quotidian rides. The photographs are not staged, but rather organic compositions provided by the wondrous unpredictability of a truly unique American city.

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