The Daily Splice

"To me, collage is the place where contemporary illustration meets sculpture, but it's my perfectionist tendencies that lead people to assume my work is created digitally"

At first glance, the light-handed composition feels like it could be an isolated fragment pulled from the work of Sonny Kay - albeit with fewer psychedelics involved. Looking closer there is a clear sense of restraint and intent that make up the body of work known as The Daily Splice.

Put simply, Adam Hale takes images out of context and splices them together. As a regular commuter living and working in London, Hale is bombarded with free magazines and literature distributed at stations and transport hubs on a daily basis. While seen as a source of distraction to some -- or not noticed at all by others -- Hale recognizes the high quality printed material as the ideal source material for his collage work.

"There’s an immediacy to the work in which current topics, trends and affairs are given new context, turning something disposable into something of permanence."

What began as a side project eventually led to a gallery show in Brooklyn, and Hale's ever-growing popularity on Instagram has turned him into a near overnight sensation. See more of at @thedailysplice or here.