Faherty Brand

When it comes to embodiments of the beach-going lifestyle, the Pacific has traditionally garnered much of the attention. But surfing is hardly unique to Malibu, and Big Sur isn't the only place where the golden hour lights up cliffs and sea. From Maine to Montauk, the East Coat has always had its own rich seagoing heritage, and a longstanding surf culture unique to the region. And the Faherty brothers have managed to give that spirit a tangible, wearable form.

Faherty Brand is unique among clothing labels in its commitment to quality and sustainability. Mike and Alex would probably even tell you that those two values are one in the same. A lifetime spent in close proximity to the ocean has instilled in the twins a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness between how we live and what we wear. Faherty uses recycled materials to make their swimwear, and they source 100% organic pesticide and fertilizer-free cotton to produce their clothing. This cuts down on plastic waste and runoff -- both of which can prove detrimental to marine life. A closed loop filtration system ensures that water is used efficiently and responsibly during production, helping to protect our most precious resource of all.

But the brand's level of responsibility is only augmented by the clothing's pronounced level of craftsmanship and artistry. Fall's collection brings together super soft brushed cotton flannels, Indigo work vests and jackets, and authentic Navajo inspired blankets and fleece over shirts — among other standout pieces. To see more of the Faherty Brand collection, you can stop by all STAG stores or simply click here.

The Faherty brothers are touring the country and will be in each TX STAG store this week.  Stop by STAG and join Mike and Alex for a beer on the following dates & click the links below to RSVP: