Stag is classic and modern; traditional and progressive; new and old; respectful and rebellious. We’re several parts clothing, part antique, part gift, part accessory, and part apothecary. We’re a modern day general store for every man. 

But, we're not just the sum of our parts or the simple mash up of our overlapping sensibilities. STAG blends the best of many unique elements and ideas into an emporium of essentials for leading the life of a modern gentleman. And, by gentleman, we don't just mean the Cary Grant sort of gent. We include style icons like Steve McQueen, James Dean, Keith Richards, and Willie Nelson into that definition as well.

We pair high end with low, mix vintage classics with new collections, and add the unexpected right alongside the nostalgic. If we love it, we stock it, and if we don't, you'll never find it here. Above all, every item we carry personifies our commitment and passion to providing products with authentic, red-blooded style.

Along with our offering of top shelf brands, we also feature one-of-a-kind vintage furniture pieces, artwork, taxidermy, bags, belts, vintage books, classic vinyl albums, and a whole lot more.

You can shop with us here or come see us in Austin or Dallas. We'd love to have you in the shop.  And for those of you who actually read all of this, ask us for a beer when you stop in. We'd love to share a drink and shoot the shit with you.