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Sales Lead

STAG is a menswear boutique founded and based in Austin, Texas, with a focus on quality products, friendly and approachable service, and an inspiring store experience.

The Sales Leader provides support to the Sales Manager by acting as a role model for outstanding sales performance & customer care; motivating, coaching, & supervising the sales team; gathering & sharing product information within the organization; monitoring tasks to ensure a balance of excellent customer service & peak productivity; and managing sales tools like the customer request log, LOOTS loyalty program, & contests.
The Sales Leader is also responsible for the operational duties of opening and closing the store, including staff supervision when no member of management is present.


  • Acts as a sales leader in the store and personally contributes to the successful achievement of all sales goals established
  • Coaches and motivates staff to create and maintain a friendly and approachable sales environment to meet and exceed sales goals
  • Researches and communicates product knowledge to entire organization on an ongoing basis to educate staff, build expertise & credibility, and drive sales
  • Assists Sales Manager in the development and ongoing improvement of the Sales Associate selling curriculum
  • Provides feedback to Sales Manager on both individual and store developmental opportunities
  • Monitors the balance of non-selling tasks and customer service, prioritizing workload and resources to maximize sales
  • Works with other Sales Leaders to utilize and enrich sales tools to drive business. These include the customer request log, LOOTS program, and other customer focused incentive programs or promotions
  • Runs regular sales contests to motivate staff and focus on specific products or categories
  • In partnership with Sales Manager, is responsible for communication with customers, both written and verbal, to resolve service or product issues


  • Responsible for the daily opening and closing duties, including cash handling, banking, cleaning, maintenance, and office organization
  • Places great attention on and is accountable for the accurate and appropriate replenishment of the sales floor, understanding the importance it has in driving sales results


  • Openly & honestly communicates with fellow Sales Leaders, Management, Staff, and Owners on all store matters, including staff needs, sales challenges, customer feedback, and improvement opportunities
  • Supports an open, inclusive, team-focused environment amongst staff and management team and encourages two-way dialogue
  • Monitors customer feedback both in-store and on-line, and develops responses and action plans as needed

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